Sunday, October 21, 2012

Socio-cultural Aspects of Schooling for English Learners

Through the credential program readings and my own experiences within my school site and when I was in High School I believe that one of the biggest sociopolitical/cultural issues that English Learners face is isolation and stigmatization from other students. This is often exemplified by their placement into "remedial" English programs and the treatment they receive from native English speaking students and teachers. This is socially unjust not only because it is unfair and they do not deserve it, but on top of that, separating the English learners from the English speakers hinders vocabulary growth and positive social interaction. Part of how I plan to address this within my classroom is by striving to provide a welcoming and safe environment in which all students of any background can  learn and grow.  The other way is by differentiation by "Universal Design" in which I will differentiate my lesson plans for English learners with out singling them out or giving them a different assignment. What I will do is provide supports within the lesson plans to help them (an all students for that matter) to be able to successfully complete the product. 

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